Real Wayang: Propoganda as Reality

Thanks for enlightening the public, MINDEF. Described as something along the lines of reality TV, Every Singaporean Son (videos can be found in youtube) has got to be the most authentic representation of the military ever, showing to the public once and for all the lengths to which the military would go for an elaborate wayang to defend itself.

Apparently MINDEF has a Public Affairs Department which has a media team. And according to Clara Tan, head of the media team, ”We wanted to create greater awareness about what happens during BMT.” (Source) Well, insofar as the videos showcases Wayang, Molly thinks it is very successful.

Tan adds, however, that “[t]his way, parents won’t feel so apprehensive when they send their sons for NS.” Oh really? Perhaps there is a magic subliminal effect in the videos that turn cover-ups into cover-eyes, thereby allowing people to forget about military deaths and preventing their imagination from generating images of abuse (that will, of course, never happen in real life).

Recent trends suggest that the government’s idea of engaging the public through new media involves videos advocating blind filial piety with the aim of touching a public presumed to be lacking piety, exalting a blind girl’s desire to watch the Youth Olympic Games in order to stimulate the interest of an under-enthusiastic public for an overhyped event, and painting an expletive-free picture of military life so that everyone would see conscription as an intense experience of sweaty sex instead of rape.

Wayang is real. Reality is shit.

Quote of the Day:

“[The SAR21 is] a relatively comfortable rifle and I’m actually glad that we’re using it as compared to the M16. In comparison, the SAR21 is a lot lighter. It’s a lot more efficient. It doesn’t jam as much,” says a recruit who apparently has had enough experience shooting with both the M16 and the SAR21 to compare the two. Or memorized notes from a lecture.

9 Responses

  1. SAR21 is haevier than a M/AR16, by about 500g. so definately the statement that SAR21 is lighter is a big fat lie, unless the rifle was upgrade since i left ORD 5 years ago?

    • Maybe he’s just talking cock. But what he says is probably not the most nonsensical thing in all the videos.

  2. I’m not SAR21-certified (always deferred whenever it was scheduled :P) and since I recently got downgraded, whenever there’s outfield during ICT, I’d stay in command HQ.

    All the SAR21 officers would take turns to carry my laoya M16 cos’ of the LIGHTER WEIGHT!

  3. oh give that recruit a break. he’s just a recruit following orders to regurgitate his TYS answers.

  4. Sar 21, M16 or toy gun, me never liked conscription but did it donkey years back just not to get my family into trouble.

    National Service sucks and it is against Human Rights, no doubt about it.

    But, what can one do ? The United Nation will not come to the rescue nor will it do anything under its charter about enforced enlistment.


    • What can one do? I’m tempted to use a burning metaphor but I’m afraid of retards who don’t seem to know what a figure of speech is…

  5. Wayang is part and parcel of everything we do. As a former regular officer in the Army, i finally became disillusioned with the state of things in the SAF. 3G Army? More like 3 Jobs for 1 Soldier. I really pity the WOSE Corps. Here we have the real men and women who drives the SAF but from my point of view, they are being taken for granted. That is why, more and more officers and men alike are leaving the SAF. 14 years i have given service to the nation. I have never regretted it once. But i hope that the situation will be better. I really hope.

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