Track Records, Desperation and Stupidity

The government has submitted to the UN a report on the country’s human rights track record and, from a CNA report, it is said in the report that “no person has ever been detained for engaging in lawful political activities [in Singapore].”

Which makes for a delightfully stupid statement making the government seem desperate to defend its human rights track record. If there is a country out there that arrests and detains citizens for engaging in lawful political activities, citizens of that country should take consolation in the fact that at least the law actually allows them to engage in such activities. If, instead, the country arrests and detains citizens only for engaging in unlawful political activities, the citizens of that country should start worrying about whether the activities their government has made unlawful should really be unlawful.

When the Singapore government says that no one has been detained for engaging in lawful political activities, it means: “We haven’t gone after anyone who does things we allow them to do. We don’t arrest people writing idiotic letters to the press to praise Kuan Yew the Beloved Divine Founding Father.” Or it could well have been Molly saying, “I have never murdered anyone who makes pleasing comments about my blog.” It is not as if that could be untrue. Except that it says nothing about whether I have ever murdered anyone who is critical of my blog. In fact, for me to make such a remark, I could be trying to hide a guilty conscience.

It would be worse if you were to criticize Molly’s irreverent reference to an old parliamentarian by his first name only to have her retort, “That’s not an issue of respect. That’s a linguistic issue!” But this is what the government did when it says that it “considers capital punishment as a criminal justice issue, rather than a human rights one.” Great. The next time a thief gets caught redhanded stealing, he should say, “Don’t arrest me! This is not a legal issue. It’s an issue of uneven wealth distribution!”

Singaporeans should continue voting the same people into power if they want to continue to be entertained by such hilarious idiocy that costs only millions of dollars per clown per year.

The government has proven its track records once again.


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