Beware of the Straight Agenda

A letter from an old reader, Mr. Lee See Nao:

Dear Molly,

As a die-hard supporter of the PAP, I have been closely following the issues they have raised before the elections. Now I am very scared of voting for the wrong candidates. I realize the disastrous consequences that could take place if I vote unwisely for a politician who gets into the Parliament with a gay agenda. The consequences are severe. Instead of thinking of how GST can be improved to help the poor or how traffic jams can be alleviated with ERP, a gay MP will just push for 377A to be abolished. This would result in a society in which men just start sodomizing each other. Then our birth rate would decline even further and that would be the end of human morals and human civilization.

In fact, what I’m really worried about is MPs with sexual orientations, whether they are straight or gay. Ideally, all MPs should be certified to be sexless (or rather sexual orientationless) because straight MPs may have a straight agenda—they may decide to champion for polygamy rights. Already, even though gay sex is rightly criminalized, we see that certain deviant, immoral sexual behaviors are legal in Singapore. Prostitution is legal and could it be because there are straight MPs in the Parliament. Of course, I do not suppose the incorruptible PAP MPs are responsible for it, so it must be Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang who have fought for prostitution to be legal.

In Singapore, we should not vote for people who have an agenda. MPs must not have any agenda so that they can better serve the system. It is unfortunate that we have so many opposition politicians with so many different agendas, from devaluing our HDB flats (I assume no opposition politician owns a HDB flat) to degrading our moral values and ending human civilization altogether.

Lee See Nao (Mr.)

Molly: Eh, MPs with no agenda? Then what do they do? How about the agenda of perpetuating PAP hegemony so that they can always have fat pay checks?

And won’t sexless MPs have Sexless Agendas?

15 Responses

  1. I recalled the MM making public statements that they are open to bring gays in as MPs. I assume that MPs have substantial access involvement (and therefore influence) in policy making. I also assume that there is no fool-proof way for anyone to uncover the hidden agendas (if any) of these gay MPs. However, I did not recall that the media or the policy makers playing the MM’s views up to an equivalent level of skepticism, or even disdain. Certainly not the level that the The New Paper is doing right now, asking if the public can accept a gay MP.

    • Maybe a gay PAP MP is acceptable, but not a gay opposition MP? And Kuan Yew’s views are just his views, not the party’s position.

  2. Aiya must be Bala scare of losing his ministership lor. First in history ler ! So try all sort of agenda mah. Now backfired hee hee

  3. I dont think there can be objectivity in politics.. Got to have some opinions/ideas right?

  4. Of course not. But some people fear some ideas/opinions, so some ministers are exploiting that to get votes.

  5. PAP is running a very negative campaign. Instead of telling us what they would do to make Singapore a better place for ALL Singaporeans what they have done so far seem to:

    1. Threaten all of us that they will block all upgrade programs if we don’t vote for them.

    2. Threaten us that sky would collapse on us if we don’t vote for them.

    3. Threaten us that all oppositions are evil and we are killing ourselves if we were to vote for them.

    4. Threaten us not to rock the so called fundamentals or everything would be destroyed.

    5. Repeat the history selectively and claim credits again and again and again when they have done so a thousand times in spite of the facts that many of us don’t agree. In any case the election is about the future, not the past, please!

    6. More to come: don’t be surprised that if Nathan suddenly appear on May 6 to cool you off with some religious harmony nonsense! He will only make me BOIL!

    • Maybe they aren’t telling us what they would do to make Singapore a better place for us because they simply are clueless in this regard.

  6. Straight men with bent agendas.
    Mr Lee should loosen up and exhibit some gaiety.

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  8. You decide. 😉

  9. Finally See Nao appears. Tell him that he needs to be more prolific, will you? I think his spurs are not stuck into his hide.

    • It is rumored that See Nao is going to be voted out of this blog soon. Might as well replace him with a cheaper, better, faster person.

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