Election Madness: Flogging a Zombie Horse

From the ST Forum:

Gay issue: Voters have right to know

I agree wuth Dr Vivian Balakrishnan that the gay issue should be laid to rest (“Objection raised but rivals stay cordial”; April 28), but it should not be allowed to die. Not many people are well read, especially the older generation of voters. I am glad Dr Balakrishnan brought up the video, otherwise I would be in the dark about it.

Whether a candidate is gay or not is a private matter, but if he is seeking public office, then voters have the right to know. In that light, the goal has been achieved.

It is not right to brush off the issue completely. Being gay is not something to be proud of in our Asian culture; it is different from acceptance.

Raymond Chan

Laid to rest but not dead? I suppose you like zombies a lot, Raymond.


Based on your argument, does it not mean, then, that every person contesting in the General Election should declare his/her sexual orientation, including those who are married—after all, a married person can be bisexual or even gay/lesbian but is using marriage to conceal his/her sexual orientation. In that case, why don’t you write to the incumbents and ask them to declare their sexual orientation one by one, starting with Kuan Yew, Hsien Loong and Chok Tong? In fact, write to our President as well since he’s er . . . elected. This does not mean that I think any of them are gay or bisexual, but since the public has a right to know, then they should just declare their sexual orientation anyway.

If gays were to made known their sexual orientation, might they not be accused of playing sexual politics and trying to buy the pink vote? After all, if a Chinese person like Tang Liang Hong can be accused of being a Chinese chauvinist, a gay person can very well be accused of being a gay chauvinist.

Using the logic that gay people have to declare their sexual orientation because “being gay is not something to be proud of in our Asian culture,” should we expect to know everything about a politician that is “not something to be proud of”? And that may include something like having a mole in one’s armpit, for instance.

And since lust is nothing to be proud of as well, should every single politician come clean about any feelings of lust that have crept into their clean, incorruptible hearts since their adolescent days? And greed is nothing to be proud of, so I suppose every politician declare that he/she is not joining politics because of the possibility of earning a million-dollar salary that comes with a pension. And certainly, every politician should make it clear to the public if they have ever eaten excessively at a buffet because gluttony is nothing to be proud of. And wrath! Nothing to be proud of in our Asian but multi-racial/religious little island! Should politicians make sure that they are all mild-tempered little rabbits? The public has a right to know if, for instance, Kuan Yew has ever been wrathful.

*Disclaimer: This article is not suggesting anything about anything politician. It is merely saying that politicians might be expected to declare lots of information about themselves just because the public has the right to know. Right? What right?



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