On a PAP Victory

Molly decided to trick the senile See Nao into thinking that the PAP has won all 82 contested seats in the General Election and writing a letter to the ST Forum on the topic so that readers would be vaccinated before the deluge of smug letters to the ST that will likely follow a PAP victory.

Dear See Nao,

I would like to invite you to pen a model post-Election ST Forum letter now that the PAP has won the Election with a 66.6% majority in every ward. Do you have anything to say about the General Election results?



Dear Molly,

I am pleased to oblige. As everyone can guess, I voted for the PAP. On my way to the polling center, I vaguely heard many people saying that they are cross with the PAP. I was glad and you could see me beaming with PAP pride.. Despite all the emotions that the opposition has stirred, people are putting their cross of endorsement for the PAP when they vote.

Singaporeans have voted wisely and shown themselves to be rational voters who would choose a party that can deliver. They have proven to be immune to the lame attempts by the opposition to connect with the electorate emotionally.

While the opposition makes promises it can’t keep, the PAP makes promises that it will keep. When the His Eminence Lee Kuan Yew said that people would regret, people will regret.

The opposition talks about giving the people a voice. Unfortunately, they are not giving people a choice. They are not giving people a choice to have a voice or not. This shows that the opposition has failed to understand Singaporeans. Singaporeans do not want a voice. They want the PAP. The PAP’s victory is the people’s voice. Beyond that, Singaporeans do not want a voice. There are already a lot of noisy Singaporeans and having a voice aggravates the situation. And since they have voted for silence, let the PAP silence them.

Now that the PAP has emerged overwhelmingly victorious in what has been said to be its toughest Election ever, Singaporeans can now sleep in peace. There are no freak election results and my reservist unit won’t be activated to deploy snipers to set things right.

Majulah Singapapura!

Lee See Nao (Mr.)


5 Responses

  1. To all the Singaporeans who complained about high cost of living,housing,education,medical fees etc, overcrowded public transport, Lack of places in local universities, Jobs for FT, NS for Sinkies, etc etc yada yada. And yet Still voted the same team into office to do it all over again to you for the next 5 years.

    I salute you.

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  3. You mean all 87 seats, not 82, right ?

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