Cool Women in White

If there’s anything that will get Singapore’s women in white into trouble, it’s certainly not Facebook.

Tin Peiling is cool. She certainly did not get too heated up on Cooling-Off Day. “[Police] investigations showed the posting [made in her Facebook page on Cooling-Off Day] was made by a friend of Ms Tin who had acted without her knowledge.” (CNA)

Tin’s magnanimity is actually very heartwarming. Although Ms Denise He’s post in Facebook had gotten Tin into trouble and implicated her in police investigations, Ms He has progressed from being her administrator to being her friend.

Or perhaps “administrator” sounds too official for comfort.

Another woman in white, Penny Low, is really cool too. Low attracted a lot of attention online when she was “caught” using her phone while singing the national anthem during the NDP. Being the irreverent cat that I am, I do not care what you do when the national anthem is being played. But it’s really cool to justify it this way:

“I was so caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 and felt so proud of being a Singaporean that I wanted to capture that moment of pride at the very tail end of the anthem, to share on Facebook with my residents.”

Capture the moment of pride? Was Low actually taking photos while she was singing the national anthem? If not, is that moment of pride so forgettable that she could not have waited another five seconds to post in Facebook?

But Low has bestowed us with a helpful tip. Kids who are schooling, you know what to say the next time the Discipline Master catches you Facebooking when you are supposed to be singing mari kita. It’s really because you are so patriotic that you cannot wait to share the moment with your friends who, for all you know, are also singing the national anthem!

If your Discipline Master is not convinced by the sound reasoning, don’t worry. You can always subtly accuse him of trying to divide the nation. He might just get arrested under the Sedition Act. If you don’t believe my suggested method works, let me show you a precedent.

“If in my enthusiasm I offended anyone, please accept my apologies. NDP is a time to unite, not divide. Majulah Singapura!” (Ms Penny Low, 2011)

An additional lesson to be learnt: After apologizing, you can immediately start accusing others of being treacherous.

Penny Low is a genius. She deserves to be promoted and be Penny Low, Pound High.


7 Responses

  1. Like your last paragraph. Penny Low is wise. Penny wise, but her justification sounds foolish.

  2. […] Low has no respect for the National Anthem – Feed Me To The Fish: How Dare You, Penny? – Molitics: Cool Women in White – Everything Also Complain: Penny’s all time NDP Low – Small steps for Social PR: How to […]

  3. Denise He seems to be a ghostly figure. Maybe she will take the 7th lunar month opportunity to appear and apologize for her recklessness so that the Election Dept will let Ms Tin off for making a false declaration.

  4. NDP is indeed not a time to divide – divide time for mobile while national anthem was being played.

  5. Hmm… I am assuming that Ms Low’s residents have TVs and I suppose it’s the National Day Parade and it should be live telecast the sharing of her excitement on facebook may not be necessary or at least… it can wait till the national anthem is over. Facebooking at the tail end of the national anthem is contrastingly different from facebooking at the end of the national anthem. The latter is appropriate but not the first.

    Perhaps Ms Low is unaware that her action has united many Singaporeans on what is considered appropriate while the national anthem is being played. Indeed Majulah Singapura!


    Hmm I guess the link pretty much states it all. If not for the discrepancy between the timing of her post and the time that the national anthem was played, there might actually be reason to buy her claims of her feverish ‘enthusiasm’. lol, this is what I call pwned.

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