Any Die-Hard PAP Supporters Reading My Blog?

Got an email from Anna Karenina (from Tolstoy?) requesting for the contact details of a die-hard PAP supporter. Anyone would like to help Anna out?


Dear Mollymeek,

Hi, I’m Anna, I’m a producer from Channel NewsAsia.

I came across your blog after googling “die-hard PAP supporter”.

I’m actually looking for one right now- and it’s for a documentary about Singapore’s political awakening.

We’re looking to interview many people from different walks of life- to basically answer the question of what has changed, post GE.

Do you have Mr. Lee See Nao’s contact? We’d like to try to reach him.

Thanks for your help!


Anna Karenina


Channel News Asia

English Current Affairs Division


27 Responses

  1. Hahahahaha…. U made my day. I laughed until tears dropped.

  2. “Straits Times!”

    “LianHe Zaobao!”

    “Berita Minggu!”

    “The New Paper!”

    “Channel News Asia!”


    “We are the See-Nao-ers! You can be one too! Coz brainwashing our people is the thing to do!”

    • Y is Anna only looking for die-hard PAP supporters? Looks like she only wants to hear n publish the good things about PAP. Another ball-licker.

      @Ronnie.. LOL.. =)

  3. she’d have far greater success in reaching this PAP supporter who left his H/P number on the note:

  4. the power of SEO! hahahaha

    Is she for real? Did she really email you from a mediacorp domain?

  5. See how worldclass CNA is as a “news” agency???

    They only interview die-hard PAP supporters.

    • I’m not sure who else they are intending to interview, actually. It could well be that they are interviewing all sort of people including die-hard PAP supporters and die-hard anti-PAPers.

      Of course, they want to interview See Nao, but not Molly. 😦

  6. Waulau eh, cannot find a die-hard pap supporter? pap must be in deep shit.

    • Don’t worry lah. No supporter never mind. AS long as they can fix the opposition and buy votes, it will be fine.

  7. Looks like they are leaving no stone unturned — even for those at the most unlikely places! I suspect the creature they are looking for have gone extinct!

  8. me. i’m a die hard PAP supporter,
    k la, not die hard, just find myself defending PAP more often than not, since i think arguments against them are often lousy. but i voted oppo in a GRC where the vote counted.

    • you want to offer your services to CNA? they might be having a hard time looking for a suitable interviewee.

  9. sure.
    i’ve sent you an email, pls help forward my contact over

  10. I’m sure Anna Karenina is Hokkien.

  11. Is this for real?

    Is she even for real?

    Anna Karenina is the name of a Russian novel, and as well as the main character!

  12. I found out that gal mention here is a pinoy, here is the full detail.

    Anna Karenina Tolentino:
    Anna Karenina Tolentino recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Studies with Honours from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

    Originally from the Philippines, Anna is currently working as a producer for MediaCorp’s Channel News Asia.
    taken from :

  13. Lee See Nao’s contact? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! SPH people are so lacking in common sense and can’t even distinguish a ficticious person from a real one.

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